Must Have Kitchen Gadgets

Keep watching this space for a list of must have kitchen gadgets for a vegetarian kitchen!

Bamboo Cutting Boards -  These take a lot of punishment and are more durable and eco friendly than plastic.

Bamboo Cooking Utensils - Metal ones damage your cookware and plastic ones wear out easily.  Bamboo is durable, but gentle on your cookware.

Chopper - Great for quickly chopping garlic or onion.  I've also used this to chop nuts and crush harder cookies for crusts.

Corn Stripper - A safe, quick and non-messy way to get fresh corn kernels

Glass Lock Containers - These are my favorite way to store and transport leftovers.  They're lightweight and the seals are excellent.

Mandoline Slicer - This is ideal if you need to slice a large amount of fruit or veggies very precisely.

Mango Splitter - Designed to remove the pit of the mango, this tool helps maximize the amount of fruit while minimizing waste.

Mini-Food Processor - For when you don't want to break out the big guns.  Great for finely mincing hot peppers and shredding carrots.

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