Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fruit-Tastic Dinner

It was 98 today in DC.  Outside, I don't mind the heat so much.  But, after watching three trains pass me by in an overcrowded Metro station and half an hour in a metro car where the air was barely blowing, I felt more than a bit wilted, and the last thing I wanted was a hot heavy meal.

This is where my fruit-tastic dinner came in.  Fruit makes a great component to a summertime meal.  Not only do you have a lot of variety to choose from, but the high water content and the vitamin content help me feel replenished after a hot day.  Also, if you eat it raw, it's just prep and serve, no waiting for the oven to heat up (or make your apartment stifling).

Tonight in addition to some not heated leftover couscous and a Quorn patty*, I enjoyed some fresh raspberries and green grapes, as well as a little salad of ripe avocado, cherry tomatoes, lime juice and salt and pepper.  It filled me up, but also helped me cool down on such a hot day.

Most people think of oranges when it comes to Vitamin C, but raspberries are also a good source of C, with 47% of the RDA.  And while some people are scared off by the fat and calorie content of the avocado, this fruit means you're getting fiber, potassium and the healthy fats that help your body absorb nutrients.

*Yes, I know . . . it was only a few days ago I was promising to back away from the fake meat.  After today's lousy commute, I thought I'd cut myself some slack.

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