Friday, September 7, 2012

Vegan Hot Dogs at Bold Bite

When I was looking up vegan options near our place in Maryland, I came across Bold Bite Dogs & Fries, a new hot dog place in downtown Bethesda.  Hot dogs and vegan normally don't mix, but Bold Bite offers a Veggie Sausage option for all their menu items.

To be safe on the allergy and vegan side, I emailed Bold Bite over the weekend to ask what the ingredients were in the veggie sausage.  I got a nice response from Alonso with the ingredients: Eggplant, fennel, red wine, garlic, sweet peppers and gluten.

Tonight after work, I met my husband for dinner.  When I went to the counter, I asked about the ingredients in the arugula pesto, as sometimes pesto is made with walnuts and that would be an allergy debacle.  The gentleman at the counter asked if I was vegan, and shared that the pesto didn't have nuts, but it did have mayonnaise.  He then asked if I was the person who sent the email over the weekend.  When I told him that that was indeed me, he proceeded to show me how different menu options could be veganized, mentioning specifically that their Cajun Ketchup is a great option for vegans.

I went with the Veg-Out Show Dog: Veggie Sausage, diced tomato, red onions, lettuce, topped with crispy shallots.  It normally comes with the argula pesto, but I omitted that due to the mayo.  It was really good - the texture of the sausage was nice and meaty and seasoned well, and the toppings were fresh.  The fries were also delicious.

I really like it when conventional restaurants go above and beyond to make vegans feel welcome, and Bold Bite certainly delivered.  What restaurants do you feel go the extra mile for vegans?

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