Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Product Review: Amy's Kitchen Vegan Macaroni & Cheeze

With all the cooking I'll be doing over the next few days, I decided to give myself a break from cooking (and my husband a break from dishes), and try out some vegan macaroni and cheese.  I definitely still plan to try and make some from scratch, but, tonight, I decided to try a pre-made version.

Amy's makes a variety of vegetarian and vegan macaroni and cheese dishes.  The one that is vegan, but also soy-free and thus allergy friendly for me, is the Rice Macaroni with Dairy Free Cheeze.  The "cheese" in this product comes from daiya, as well as nutritional yeast and mustard powder.  It takes five minutes in the microwave and it's done.

While this may scare off folks who haven't tried any of these ingredients, fear not.  This tastes like packaged mac and cheese to me, and given how packaged mac and cheese is my ultimate comfort food, that's a strong endorsement. I'll be having this in lieu of traditional boxed mac and cheese (which is a massive allergy bomb for me anyway) when the craving strikes.

For those who follow a gluten-free diet, this is also a good alternative for you if you have a hankering for mac and cheese.

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