Thursday, November 3, 2011

Stuff To Read and Ponder

Per my goal of sticking to an editorial schedule, Thursdays are my day to share some articles and websites about vegetarianism.   To that end, here are some interesting things I've read lately:

We Love Subway: I read about this site in Healthy Bitch Daily, which is a great resource if you're looking to learn more about veganism and prefer your informational material delivered with a heavy dose of sass.  This week, HBD profiled this Compassion Over Killing sponsored website, an open letter to subway to encourage them to offer more vegetarian options beyond the Veggie Delight and the veggie patties.  Since Subway is the world's largest restaurant chain, it would be a great statement if they offered more vegan and vegetarian options.  Selfishly, I hope the faux-meats they add would be Field Roast Grain Meat Company deli slices, which are soy free.

Top Vegetarian Stadium?  Lincoln Financial Field in Philly! - I knew that Citizens Bank Park, the Phillies stadium, gets high marks for offering vegetarian items, but it also turns out that the Linc offers great options for vegetarians, including  "faux-steak and "chicken-steak" sandwiches, a brand-new seitan brisket, veggie dogs, black-bean and garden burgers, and vegetable wraps. In premium dining areas, fans can also choose a grilled vegetable hoagie, fresh roasted vegetables, hummus with pita chips, fruit, or a vegetable platter."  Way to go, hometown teams!

Raising Vegetarian Kids - With my friends and family in the midst of a baby explosion, I've often wondered about raising children as vegetarians.  This article talks about some of the health benefits vegetarian kids enjoy, as well as some ways to ensure they receive important nutrients.


  1. Is your husband a vegetarian? My sister is a vegetarian, but her husband loves his meat - and they made the joint decision not raise their children vegetarian, but let them make that choice when they grow up - but then again, there is a meat-lover in the house.

  2. Lynda, we eat vegetarian at home (though I have offered to prepare meat dishes for him if he craves them) and we eat whatever we choose when we're out. I figure we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.