Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What I'll Be Making for Thanksgiving

I love our family's Thanksgiving.   About four years or so, when my husband and I had been dating for a year, my parents and I were first included in my husband's family's Thanksgiving celebration, which includes both his side of the family and our sister-in-law's family.  It's 20 people, lots of kids, and all of our family culinary traditions coming together pot luck style - the traditional American Thanksgiving fare,  Jewish dishes and Vietnamese dishes.

Since I'm the lone vegetarian among omnivores, I am all about the sides.  So, my contributions this year will be as follows:

I always make everything from scratch.  This year, I am going to attempt to make everything vegan, including the mashed potatoes and the pie crust.  I'll post throughout the day with pictures and photos of progress!

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